Saturday, May 9, 2009

hot weather!

It is only the beginning of May and already it has felt like July. The last two days we had temps over 100 degrees!! Getting in and out of a car all day at work, in the extreme heat, while pregnant was interesting. Then i realized...i am only getting bigger and we will only have more of these hot days. I might move to Alaska with my in-laws for the summer. :)
The weather man must have heard my cries, because today it is only 70 degrees...thankfully. I guess this buys me some time to find a pool to soak in this summer.


  1. I hear ya, although it hasn't gotten TOO hot here yet. But apparently the summer is nothing but heat and humidity and rain here, all at once. I love how we both timed it so we are the biggest and most miserable the 3 hottest months of the year- what were we thinking? It will all be worth it in the will all be worth it in the end...(just keep repeating that in your head).

  2. Hey Amy- It can get better! Last summer when I was huge and pregnant it was really hot at the beginning and then it cooled off. So maybe there's still time!

  3. Last summer before I had Dovie our A/C went out. Talk about hot!!! It was late May or early June. It went out on a Monday morning and didn't get fixed until the middle of Wednesday. (Every window in my house was up!) When the repairman came in and saw me sitting there with my big belly, he put a rush on that new A/C unit order!