Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pre-op at Childrens

Yesterday Noah had his pre-op appt at Children's. It was a busy day and Noah did well considering the circumstances.
I was told not to feed him after 5am since they planned on doing a sedated echo (this was a great option since they take so long). So he ate at 5am and we were at the hospital by 8am. First off we had to strip him down to weigh and measure him. This is when he realized he was hungry. At this point he had patches stuck to each arm with numming medicine and a bag stuck to him to catch his urine. The rest of the morning he was in his diaper only for all the tests. We then had to get his chest X-rayed and blood drawn. He did not appreciate either and did not like us taking the patches off his arms either. He would fall asleep between each procedure only to be have us wake him up for another uncomfortable procedure. They then fed him yucky tasting medicine that thankfully made him fall asleep since he was not happy with us at all. They did the echo on him and I was able to feed him before they did the EKG. All confirmed Tetralogy once again. Then we met with the nurse practitioner and the surgeon. Both were very positive, personable, and helped educate us on what to expect on Monday. It was difficult to listen to all the details, but it was important to know what was going to happen to our baby.
Noah was a trouper and only got upset when he had good reason. He even tried to smile between tears at times. I don't think I will ever be 'ready' for him to have heart surgery, but I guess we are prepared to deal with it. This weekend we are going to hold him, love on him, and enjoy every second! He is surrounded by his parents and grandparents so he is getting plenty spoiled!
Thanks for all the prayers. I will post updates on here and facebook as I can next week. The main thing I do know is that God is always good.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took Noah to a pumpkin patch for pictures. It was so incredibly windy and it was very sunny so it was difficult to get a good picture. He didn't seem to enjoy the trip very much, but we had fun posing with him!

Our squinty family picture. I didnt realize I was hiding Noah. Oops.

Noah and dad getting ready for church

Noah meeting his Papa Rock for the first time and getting love from his Grammy Shelley.

My sweet pumpkin

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's what people are saying...

Here is a list of things people are saying about Noah these days:
- look at that big smile
- He is so alert
- look at all that hair!
- He is so tiny
- He is so big
- He looks just like Pete
- He moves so much
- He is going to be big like his dad

My dad said Pete and Noah are Pete and 'Re-Pete'
A lady at a restaurant came up and said, "Well I didn't see him on the menu. I looked, but I couldn't find him."
A man told me he would buy Noah for $50

Noah has taken on a big interest in Baby Einstein and toys with lights. He loves the toy Aunt Leah and Uncle Kyle gave him that lights up. When he is really happy he squeals and even gives a short chuckle sometimes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One more picture...

This is Lucy. Her proud parents are our friends Michelle and Jamison. Lucy noticed that Noah was getting so much attention laying on his back, so she decided to do the same. So cute! It's hard to believe that Noah is that much bigger than Lucy when he is only 11 weeks old!

Surgery Date Change

Noah is now scheduled for surgery on November 2. Pre-op will be the previous friday, Oct 30. Please pray for: healing, comfort for all of us, wisdom for doctors, and safe travels for all the family.
Here is another picture for viewing pleasure:

Time at the Willis farm

Noah and I have spent some time at the Willis Farm with my parents lately. Noah has adjusted to Emory quite well. He is thoroughly spoiled by Grammy every evening, gets to visit Grandmother Rice and his great-great aunt Sis, snuggles in Grandaddy's big arms, and is made to feel like a Hollywood star due to all the cameras flashing. He sleeps in a closet to keep the noise level down and seems to like that as well. He wishes mom would let him check the cows with grandaddy on the 4-wheeler, but mom insists that he get a little older first.

Snuggling with mom

Noah showing off his cute outfit. My friend Kristen made it for him. She is so talented!

Grammy and Grandaddy with their grandkids all ready for bed: Ava, Noah, and Chase.

Enjoying the day rocking with Grammy

Bath time. He loves soaking in a warm bath.