Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rolley Polley

Big news in the Hughes House: NOAH CAN ROLL

Well, he can roll from his tummy to his back. Hasn't made it all the way around yet.

Christmas posting coming soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

One more thing...

I forgot to post Noah's stats from his 4 mo old appt.

13.9 lbs = 25th percentile
25 1/2 inches = 75th percentile

He is a tall skinny boy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving, Popcorn, and Hotels


We had such a fun Thanksgiving holiday with lots of family around. We went to Emory where we spent time with my whole family. And to make the holiday even better, Pete's 2 sisters, brother, and 2 cousins came to Emory to celebrate with us.

This was Noah's reaction when I told him about all the visitors he was going to have:

Here he is on the Willis farm watching all the men put together a big play fort for the kids. He was a little grumpy because he can't play on it yet.

This was the typical entertainment of the evening:

All of Noah's aunts and uncles in one place. What a lucky kid!

My little cowboy wearing his pearl snap shirt at church with Aunt Leah:


We have been in Abilene over 3 years now, so the military tells us it is time to move. Off to Arkansas we go...but not before we sell our home in Abilene. The realitor came by and told us what we needed to do in order for us to get the best price: replace cabnet hardware, clean carpet, update light fixtures, touch up paint, de-clutter, clean yard, organize closets and drawers, and get rid of the POPCORN CEILING. oh dear! Our house is unrecongnizable right now with plastic, tape and white goo and powder everywhere! Thanks to all our friends who are helping out and especially Pete's brother, Tyler (aka: The Foreman).

Here is a small glimpse into the chaos:

That was once my living room. Guess who the clean-up crew is....ME!


A messy, dusty, cold house is no place for a baby, so Noah and I are staying at a local hotel thanks to our friend Amie for getting us a good deal. Pete and Tyler might have to sleep here a couple of nights, but mostly it is just me and NoBo. We are just practicing our adapting skills for when we move in January.

Noah is in the swing taking a nap:

This is just a bonus shot of Noah. Sometimes when Noah wakes up in the morning I lay him on the bed while I change, brush teeth, etc. He will sit there just watching TV like a big kid for a few minutes. Should I be worried that my 4 month old can already get glued to the TV? Thankfully his attention span is short.

I left Noah on my bed for a few minutes while I got breakfast and he became a chatter box, He was getting a little frustrated by the time I got the camera on him, but he gets happier in the end: