Sunday, July 10, 2011


Around 6am...let the fun begin...

Made his arrival at 11am: 8lbs 4oz, 21in

Family of 4!

Checking out his new brother

Going home outfit my neighbor made

snuggled up at home

Noah playing with Grammy

Look again...Owen is actually smiling a huge smile as well.

Holding his baby brother

After his bath

First bath. Didn't cry at first, then decided he was done.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Owen's Birth Story

Baby Owen has arrived! My little firecracker was born on the 4th of July.
8 lbs. 4oz
21 inches
Perfect in every way!

On the 3rd I began noticing regular contractions that began about 5pm. They were only mildly irritating and were coming every 10 minutes. We headed to a firework show around 7pm and I annouced that I thought I was in labor. Pete's cousin Jana and her husband Nii were with us. Nothing really changed during the firework show and we all had a good time. Noah really liked the fireworks after he got used to them. When we got home I began preparing to go to the hospital: showered (had to shave my legs, of course!), made sure all the bags were ready, made pete get his bag ready, and made sure we had a plan for Noah. Then I attempted to go to sleep. However, by this time (11pm), my contractions started getting more painful so I could only doze for a few minutes and then would be started awake by a contraction. During the night, I wondered from the bed, to the couch, played on the internet, watched TV, and breathed through the contractions that were growing more painful and closer together. When they were about 6 minutes apart (5am) I decided I was ready to go to the hospital. I let Jana know that we were leaving and they agreed to take care of Noah until other arrangements could be made. They were to head back to Austin on the 4th.
We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am. When we got to the labor and delivery unit the nurse asked me, "Can I help you?" I thought that this would be obvious due to my large belly and contractions that were taking my breath away every 4 minutes. Anyways, we were taken to a room where I showed to be dilated to a 4. I then labored for about 2 hours. I was dilated to a 7 when I was able to get my epidural. Not a moment too soon! It was starting to get intense for me! Things didn't really slow down after the epidural, thankfully. This epidural was not near as strong as the one I got when I had Noah, so I was able to feel a lot more. I noticed a strong urge to 'go to the bathroom.' Then it hit me that this feeling is a sign that Owen was getting close. We called the nurse in and she checked me out. Sure enough, his head was right there ready to come out. She called the doctor, prepped the room and told me it was time to push. Pete, the great husband that he is, was very comforting and encouraging! My parent's arrived right in the nick of time. I said hi to dad and he went to the waiting room while Pete and mom stayed with me. I pushed through one contraction and began the second when she told me to stop. We had to wait for the doctor. At this point, I could feel enough to know that I was very ready to push! The doctor came in about 5 minutes later and quickly got ready to catch. I pushed through 2 contractions and out came sweet little Owen already giving his lungs a workout. Pete cut the umbilical cord and then Owen was laid on my lap. I cried and kissed him. At that moment my heart must have gotten bigger because I suddenly realized I could love 2 little boys equally, and more than I ever could have imagined.
Our hospital stay was uneventful. We are happy to say that Owen's heart sounded great and there were no health concerns at all!! We were there 24 hours and then were released to go home. Noah loves his little brother and gives him tons of kisses. Owen has been an excellent sleeper the last 2 nights, only getting up to eat and then goes right back to sleep. Grammy has been staying with us and has made sure I've gotten plenty of naps, lots of good food, and has spoiled Noah and Owen. Pete has gone back to work and plans to take his paternity leave next week so his time off with overlap with his parent's visit. Papa Rock and Mimi will be here the 17th and we are so excited!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer fun in June

Here is a pretty recent picture of me. I am currently not-so-patiently waiting on Owen. I have nested in every way I can imagine, our hospital bags are packed, plans are in place for Noah, Owen's room is completely we just wait. As of today I have 11 days until my due date and I am not currenlty dilated. Maybe something will happen soon!

Church activity. Our cell group rocked tie-dye.

Wearing daddy's hat and a sweet smile

This is about 35 weeks or so.

Noah was watching a storm blow in with dad and wanted to put his hands in his pockets like dad.

My dad's great neice got married in Oklahoma City. She was a beautiful bride and we were happy to welcome Sergio into our family! We used the opportunity to get together with all of my dad's family the following day. We have grown so much in the last 5-10 years!!

The 'original 5'

We took the kids to the water park near Sara's house. We all had fun. Mom was there too...she is taking the picture.

Ava and Noah seemed to have a lot of fun playing this trip. Ava is 1 year older.

Pete has been putting Noah to bed almost everynight! What a man. It is so sweet when he plays the guitar for Noah.

Noah lounging at the water park here in Little Rock. He loves playing in the water!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter and such

Handsome man ready for church. He isn't a fan of smiling for pictures.

Hunting eggs. I was suprised that he knew what to do and seemed to really like finding them.

Easter bunny brought Elmo stuff...his favorie!

One of his last nights in the crib. He is in a big boy bed now and has done great with the transition.

Playing at the park. He loves being outside and climbing on everything. This kid has no fear.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a BOY!

That's right. I am going to have another sweet little baby boy. No barbies, cabbage patch kids, or princesses will be found at this house. We will have a house full of legos, cars, balls of all sorts (wink, wink), and I need to start saving for my future grocery bills! OWEN REAGAN HUGHES will be such a great addition to this house. Why that name? Well, I really like the name Owen, and it means "little warrior." Of course, Pete says he will be a big warrior. Pete's favorite president of recent history is Ronald Reagan, so he wanted to pass on part of the name. Pete is quite the patriot. Owen is growing (as evident by my large belly) and developing perfectly so far. I have felt great in spite of the large gut I am toting around. I am still working out a few times a week, working 3 days a week, and keeping up with Noah (most of the time). I just felt little Owen kick as I am typing this! I have been feeling him kick quite a bit this week. I will be 20 weeks along on Sunday. It is so exciting to think about my sweet boys playing hide-n-seek together, going on camp-outs with dad, and attending high school together (maybe varsity basketball together??).

My sweet valentine Noah made mom some crafts:

being pulled by dad in 8 inches of snow:

Practicing wearing big boy underwear while watching Elmo goes Potty. He is currently obsessed with Elmo and Cars.

He LOVES bubble bathes! (his bubble bath has a pic of Elmo on it!)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lots of videos!

Christmas Presents!

Peek-A-Boo with Grandaddy

Sledding in Alaska

Papa Rock: that baby whisperer

This one is for the grandparents. Some of his latest tricks.

Sledding in Arkansas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is here!

While there were no tears, there was definitely no excitement either. He sat in Santa's lap and shook his head saying, "No, no, no." He was a cutie!

We are getting excited for the holidays around here. Noah has his Christmas party at daycare today where Santa will in attendance. I am supposed to bring frosting and M&M's... i think they are trying to give the kids a sugar rush and then send them home as payback for taking care of all of them at once day after day. :)
This weekend we will be going to my parents house in Emory. Sara and family and Leah and family will be there as well. I can't wait to kiss all my nieces and nephew!

After Christmas we will be going to Alaska where Pete's sister CLARA will be getting married! She is marrying a guy named Sam that Pete and I have only briefly spoken to via skype. We are excited to officially meet him and for Noah to gain an UNCLE SAM! pictures will definitely follow.

So this picture is terrible quality...i took a picture of a picture since we don't have a scanner. I'M PREGNANT! Whoohoo! Baby Hughes #2 will be due July 10. We found out the day before Halloween, but kept it a secret until Thanksgiving. We had so much fun listening to everyone's excitement as we told. Noah and the baby will be exactly 2 years apart. It sounds a little crazy to me too, but I am sure we will make it. I figure with all we went through the first few months of Noah's life that it it bound to be emotionally easier than that! Please join us in praying for a perfectly healthy baby....and you might pray for pink if you have time. :) I am feeling much better now. I had a few weeks of feeling nauseous most of the time, but i seem to have crossed over the hump. My belly is sticking out so much faster than it did with Noah! I am trying to embrace the beauty of preggo belly and not be self-conscious.
We are so thankful for this wonderful blessing!
Merry Christmas to you all! May God bless your 2011.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One year ago today...

November 2, 2009 Noah had open heart surgery. It was an aweful day for us all, but Noah did such a great job! He was so tough and healed very quickly. For me, it was the most challenging test of my faith. I was angry that my tiny little baby had to go through so much pain and I felt absolutely no control over the situation. That is when Pete and I learned that we REALLY have to give everything to God. We felt God's presence in so many ways:

1) peace that surpassed all understanding the day of the surgery
2) the miracle of his pulmenary valve being saved (thus decreasing his chance of future surgery greatly)
3) After Noah's chest tubes were taken out the doctors said there was a 98% chance they would have to put them back in...the following morning all the fluid in his chest was gone saving him from this painful procedure.
4) He had great color, and ate well for his condition
5) We had such kind doctors/nurses/techs
6) We were able to be surrounded by family
7) There were people all over the WORLD praying for Noah
8) Noah smiled 3 days after surgery
9) There were no complications
10) Noah had great behavior and patience thru tons of blood tests, urine tests, shots, IV's, echos, EKGs, chest x-rays, heel pricks, vital checks.

Picture of Noah after most lines had been taken out and he was taken out of ICU. THis was about 4 or 5 days after surgery.

Picture of Noah today. He insisted that his PJ's be taken off this morning so he could put on his shoes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet kids

My grandmother is one blessed lady. Here she is with all her great-grandkids. We are all so lucky to have a heritage of loving the Lord passed down from her!

Noah is quite the character these days. He definitely has spunk that gets him into trouble at times. He seems to get rowdy with other kids and makes sure I know how he feels about everything. His mouth is getting full of teeth! He has for on the top and bottom in the front and just got 2 of his molars. He is saying several words and understands more and more everyday. While his kisses used to be open mouthed, slobbery things, he now gives almost normal kisses...and lots of them! That's my favorite. He loves playing in the yard with balls and beach toys and gets tons of attention from all our neighbor kids. One of the neighbor boys even comes over and asks if Noah can come outside and play at times. Noah loves making lots of animal noises, but is terrified of anything furry up close. He was even scared of a 3 lb dog on their first few encounters. He LOVES anything with wheels and can say tractor. He gets excited when we see a tractor or train while driving around.

Noah in his PJs riding a pink scooter. Why not?

Noah never took a paci as a baby. He found one in a cabinet and all the sudden he knew just what to do with it. That plug would have come in handy more than a few times in the early days.

The one benefit of bad diaper rash is cute pics of a naked baby.