Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One year ago today...

November 2, 2009 Noah had open heart surgery. It was an aweful day for us all, but Noah did such a great job! He was so tough and healed very quickly. For me, it was the most challenging test of my faith. I was angry that my tiny little baby had to go through so much pain and I felt absolutely no control over the situation. That is when Pete and I learned that we REALLY have to give everything to God. We felt God's presence in so many ways:

1) peace that surpassed all understanding the day of the surgery
2) the miracle of his pulmenary valve being saved (thus decreasing his chance of future surgery greatly)
3) After Noah's chest tubes were taken out the doctors said there was a 98% chance they would have to put them back in...the following morning all the fluid in his chest was gone saving him from this painful procedure.
4) He had great color, and ate well for his condition
5) We had such kind doctors/nurses/techs
6) We were able to be surrounded by family
7) There were people all over the WORLD praying for Noah
8) Noah smiled 3 days after surgery
9) There were no complications
10) Noah had great behavior and patience thru tons of blood tests, urine tests, shots, IV's, echos, EKGs, chest x-rays, heel pricks, vital checks.

Picture of Noah after most lines had been taken out and he was taken out of ICU. THis was about 4 or 5 days after surgery.

Picture of Noah today. He insisted that his PJ's be taken off this morning so he could put on his shoes.

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  1. Is his hair blonde now? I CANNOT believe that is the same little boy from just this summer. He is growing so much. Thank you for making me cry (even though I seem to do that at the drop of a hat recently). It was very moving to hear how GOD showed Himself to you and Pete during such a trying time. I can't wait to see you Thursday :)