Friday, February 20, 2009

Exciting News!!
Pete completed his last flight today and is now officially an Instructor Pilot!! I am so proud of him. He gets to come home to me and baby tomorrow. God was really taking care of him through all of this.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

baby bump

As you can see I have a bit of a baby bump these days. I went to the doctor on the 9th and had a good check up. Listening to the baby's heart beat again was amazing...but they couldn't get an accurate heart rate because baby hughes was movin' and groovin' in my belly.

I have gotten some sweet baby gifts from both grandparents. And we picked up the Florida T-shirt the day we found out we were pregnant.

Pete is still in Little Rock, but will hopefull be wrapping it up in the next few days. He is really excited about getting to be present at our next doctor's appoinment. I can't wait to see his reaction when he hears the baby's heart.
Over the weekend I went to Dallas and got to do some maternity shopping. I can't button most of my work pants so I decided it was time to pick up some materntity pants. I knew I had arrived at the right store when there was a woman puking in the flower bed outside the door. Poor thing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here are some more pics

We're having a baby

We're having a baby so that means it is time to start a blog. Everyone else is doing it.

November 28 Pete and I discovered we would be welcoming a baby into this world. We were on our last day of a cruise we were on with Pete's family when we saw two pink lines on the test. It was fun to get to tell our Alaskan family face to face (we then waited until Christmas to tell my family so we could tell them in person as well....torture!). Since then we have been getting used to the idea that we will be parents. It has been such a blessed pregnancy so far with no sickness and little queasiness and fatigue. I have been to the doctor twice and had a sonogram and everything looks great!

Pete has been gone since mid-December, so me and the baby are anxious for him to get back. I can't wait for him to get to hear the tiny heartbeat. Pete is in Little Rock at instructor pilot school and will hopefully be back at the end of February.