Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a BOY!

That's right. I am going to have another sweet little baby boy. No barbies, cabbage patch kids, or princesses will be found at this house. We will have a house full of legos, cars, balls of all sorts (wink, wink), and I need to start saving for my future grocery bills! OWEN REAGAN HUGHES will be such a great addition to this house. Why that name? Well, I really like the name Owen, and it means "little warrior." Of course, Pete says he will be a big warrior. Pete's favorite president of recent history is Ronald Reagan, so he wanted to pass on part of the name. Pete is quite the patriot. Owen is growing (as evident by my large belly) and developing perfectly so far. I have felt great in spite of the large gut I am toting around. I am still working out a few times a week, working 3 days a week, and keeping up with Noah (most of the time). I just felt little Owen kick as I am typing this! I have been feeling him kick quite a bit this week. I will be 20 weeks along on Sunday. It is so exciting to think about my sweet boys playing hide-n-seek together, going on camp-outs with dad, and attending high school together (maybe varsity basketball together??).

My sweet valentine Noah made mom some crafts:

being pulled by dad in 8 inches of snow:

Practicing wearing big boy underwear while watching Elmo goes Potty. He is currently obsessed with Elmo and Cars.

He LOVES bubble bathes! (his bubble bath has a pic of Elmo on it!)