Thursday, February 18, 2010

LR Air Force Base

We made it to Little Rock after stopping at the Willis farm for some R&R. So much has happened since we have been here. We bought a house! It is a 3 bed 2 bath in Cabot and I love it! In about a month we will get to move in. In the mean time we are still in the temp housing on base. Pete's class has been delayed so he is doing a temporary job in his sqadron while waiting on his class to start. I am hoping to start a part time job soon...just waiting on my AR social work license to get processed. We found a great day care for Noah on Tuesday/Thursdays. I have some anxiety about leaving him, but I know it will be good socialization time for him and good for me to have a break.

Noah is doing really well. We took him to get his 6 mo shots since they were due in the middle of our move. He took 'em like a champ. He weighed in at 16lbs 9oz which means he gained about a pound in the last month. He is starting to get chunky lets and I love it! He can sit up on his own, but does not maintain it well. No interest in crawling yet and doesn't like tummy time. We will have to work on that. He is eating lots of different fruits and veggies and seems to like them all. For breakfast he gets baby cereal mixed with mashed banana's. Today he tried a baby mum-mum which was great for occupying him while I did a little house work. In the last few days he has found his voice again and has been talking so much.
Today I went grocery shopping for the first time without Pete since we have been in temp housing. We are on the second floor of the building and thankfully there is an elevator...on the other side of the building from our apartment. When we got back from the store i put Noah in his stroller, filled the basket of the stroller with heavy grocer items, had 9 bags hanging from my arms, diaper bag around my neck, and still managed to use the key card to get in 2 doors and an elevator and didn't break a singe egg. whew.
My little sister, Leah, is pregnant...have I mentioned that? She is due in August!!
Grammy Shell is coming to visit this weekend from Alaska
Noah and I are visiting OK next week