Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet kids

My grandmother is one blessed lady. Here she is with all her great-grandkids. We are all so lucky to have a heritage of loving the Lord passed down from her!

Noah is quite the character these days. He definitely has spunk that gets him into trouble at times. He seems to get rowdy with other kids and makes sure I know how he feels about everything. His mouth is getting full of teeth! He has for on the top and bottom in the front and just got 2 of his molars. He is saying several words and understands more and more everyday. While his kisses used to be open mouthed, slobbery things, he now gives almost normal kisses...and lots of them! That's my favorite. He loves playing in the yard with balls and beach toys and gets tons of attention from all our neighbor kids. One of the neighbor boys even comes over and asks if Noah can come outside and play at times. Noah loves making lots of animal noises, but is terrified of anything furry up close. He was even scared of a 3 lb dog on their first few encounters. He LOVES anything with wheels and can say tractor. He gets excited when we see a tractor or train while driving around.

Noah in his PJs riding a pink scooter. Why not?

Noah never took a paci as a baby. He found one in a cabinet and all the sudden he knew just what to do with it. That plug would have come in handy more than a few times in the early days.

The one benefit of bad diaper rash is cute pics of a naked baby.

August Recap

We went to California for Pete's cousins' wedding. Sorry the pictures are lopsided, but the computer was giving me fits.

Four Generations

Roomie when I lived in LR the first time. She lives in CA now.

Six Flags:

BABY GRACE IS HERE! The highlight of the month was definitely the birth of sweet baby Grace to Leah and Kyle. She is perfect.
The proud Aunt

My parents and all their Grands

A shot of the new family

Passing time waiting on baby Grace:
Cousins having fun

Ready to hold Grace:

We were so happy to have a visit from our dear friends, the Browns. Noah loves TJ. Here he is giving a hug:

Handsome TJ

Alaska Trip

The end of July we took a trip to Alaska. Pete's family were kind enough to host us, my parents, my sister and her family (Ava stayed in TX with her other grandparents). We had such a good time. Some highlights: saw my first moose and black bear, went on a sight seeing boat tour in Seward, the guys caught lots of fish, mom and dad went on a flight tour in Talkeetna, hiked the butte, walked on a glacier, had noah's birthday party, ate yummy food, reindeer farm, musk ox farm, iditarod sled ride, and lots more!

First hair cut and sucker:

July Recap

Noah turned one! He ate birthday pancakes for breakfast and feasted on a cake at dinner. Mom and dad showered him with some gifts. His real birthday party was in Alaska a few days later.

4th of July Celebration. Running everywhere!

He loves brushing his teeth.

His best friend Maison

June Recap

June was a fun month! We went to Galveston with all the girls and kids in my family. We enjoyed some time with the Polcar's by going to the zoo and river market. My parents kept Noah while Pete and I attended a lake side party hosted by the Richarts. Noah liked time at the park, waterpark, playing with friends, and making me chase him everywhere.