Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cardiac Update

Today Noah and I spent a few hours at Arkansas Children's Hospital for his routine check-up. I am extremely humbled every time I walk into a Children's hospital. In a place full of sick children real perspective can be revealed. The people working there are amazing and so inspiring!
The day started with an EKG. It took only a few minutes and Noah found all the sticky patches on his chest interesting. Then we went to radiology for a chest x-ray. This is where things got interesting. He was put on a seat built into a small rolling table. His legs hung below the table. Then one nurse held his arms straight up while another put a clear plastic tube around his body that was taped around him. It went from his fingers to his rear. At first he found it interesting, but his interest quickly went to outrage. They wheeled him to where his face was about an inch from the x-ray screen. He was less than impressed. Thankfully it was a short procedure then the cruel and unusual punishment (better known as an x-ray) was over. We then went back to the cardiac unit for an echo. This was the first time he was not sedated (besides when he was 3 days old, but he just slept through it then). With the help of cartoons, dim lights, toys, and a bottle we made it. Noah is one tough little man.
We then waited for the cardiologists. I am happy to say that the cardiologist reports, "I could not be happier with the repair at this point." Yeah God! Noah is healing and doing wonderful. Next check-up will be in 6 months. They are still watching his pulmonary valve that is a little leaky.
Thank you God for being the Great Physician.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer is here! We have been busy kicking off summer with trips, visits from family, and festivals. Noah and I have taken a road trip to Emory and Abilene while Pete stayed in Little Rock holding down the fort and working hard on learning his new plane. Then Grammy Shell came to visit followed by a visit from my sisters and niece and nephew.
Noah has had a few 'firsts' as well.
He took his first head dive out of the bath tub (he will be better supervised from now on)
Watch out mama...Noah is getting his two top teeth! (and has consequently bit his tongue)
He is now taking what I call a 'connecting step'. He takes one small step hands free between objects.
He has attended his first festival (riverfest) and sat on a lawn listening to his first concert (cross canadian ragweed).
He went to his first swim party and hung out in his floaty for the first time....and loved it!!
Rode the 4-wheeler for the first time. Did he like it? Lets just say he cried when his mean momma made him get off.

Abilene friend Emory. She is two days older.

Abilene friend T.J.

Also visited our friends, the Polcars, but didn't remember to get any pics. Don't worry, they are coming to visit us in LR so I will get a few then!

At the park with Grammy Shell:

Hungry and tired at Riverfest:

Checking out the water fountain with dad:

Carnival with mom, dad, Aunt Sara, Chase, Ava, Aunt Leah

Aunt Leah getting some practice before Grace gets here. She is a beautiful pregnant lady!

Cousin bath time!

Driving his John Deere in his cowboy PJs (the feet are to look like boots)

and now the other direction....

Why ride when you can drive?

He is going to be a hoopster like his dad (and mom):

He pushes his car around while making a motor sound with his mouth. really!