Thursday, July 15, 2010

My blog is broken

In case all my diligent blog readers (all two of you) are wondering where I have been...well, my blog is not working right. Every time I try to upload a pic it just puts a bunch of gibberish on the computer instead of my pic. Pete says that a blog without pictures isn't worth reading, so therefore, no blog entries.

However, here is a quick rundown:

Noah has been swimming in the ocean, lake, pool, and water park. He loves the water and is so fearless around water it scares his momma. He is walking all over the place and can even pick up the pace to a 'trot' when he wants. Today was his last day of daycare, so poor guys has to spend every waking moment with his momma now. He can point to his belly and ear, blow kisses (sometimes), sign all done and more (sometimes), gives tons of kisses and hugs, does this cute thing where he walks and claps, falls asleep on his own at night, takes one 2 hour nap and seems to be fading out the afternoon nap, eats all kinds of foods (favorites: cheese, yogurt, fish, goldfish, carrots, cereal bar), can mooo like a cow, makes an engine sound when pushing anything with wheels.

Consider this the ONE YEAR update! That's right, in only a few days he will be one year old. Can't believe it. We are going to do a small family-only thing at our house on his actual birthday, but his party will be in Alaska. My family is going to Alaska with Pete and I to visit Pete's family. Since both sets of g-rents are going to be there we will have a shin-dig there. Hopefully i will be able to post pics by then.

Hugs and kisses from the Hughes family!