Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is here!

While there were no tears, there was definitely no excitement either. He sat in Santa's lap and shook his head saying, "No, no, no." He was a cutie!

We are getting excited for the holidays around here. Noah has his Christmas party at daycare today where Santa will in attendance. I am supposed to bring frosting and M&M's... i think they are trying to give the kids a sugar rush and then send them home as payback for taking care of all of them at once day after day. :)
This weekend we will be going to my parents house in Emory. Sara and family and Leah and family will be there as well. I can't wait to kiss all my nieces and nephew!

After Christmas we will be going to Alaska where Pete's sister CLARA will be getting married! She is marrying a guy named Sam that Pete and I have only briefly spoken to via skype. We are excited to officially meet him and for Noah to gain an UNCLE SAM! pictures will definitely follow.

So this picture is terrible quality...i took a picture of a picture since we don't have a scanner. I'M PREGNANT! Whoohoo! Baby Hughes #2 will be due July 10. We found out the day before Halloween, but kept it a secret until Thanksgiving. We had so much fun listening to everyone's excitement as we told. Noah and the baby will be exactly 2 years apart. It sounds a little crazy to me too, but I am sure we will make it. I figure with all we went through the first few months of Noah's life that it it bound to be emotionally easier than that! Please join us in praying for a perfectly healthy baby....and you might pray for pink if you have time. :) I am feeling much better now. I had a few weeks of feeling nauseous most of the time, but i seem to have crossed over the hump. My belly is sticking out so much faster than it did with Noah! I am trying to embrace the beauty of preggo belly and not be self-conscious.
We are so thankful for this wonderful blessing!
Merry Christmas to you all! May God bless your 2011.


  1. Congratulations!!! And Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Amy! Congrats on #2. So excited for yall! It is a little crazy when you have 2 but adjustment is much easier than with the first. You just kind of add #2 to the mix of things. You'll do great!! We'll be praying for perfect health for you and this little one.

  3. AHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited! Adding to the Great Grand's in July.....so typical of you people LOL :) I can't wait to see you on Friday night. It's only a day away but WAY TOOOOOOOO FAR away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations, Amy! That is so very exciting. I know that Noah will make an excellent big brother. I can't wait to share the news with Chris. He will be so excited for Pete.