Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's what people are saying...

Here is a list of things people are saying about Noah these days:
- look at that big smile
- He is so alert
- look at all that hair!
- He is so tiny
- He is so big
- He looks just like Pete
- He moves so much
- He is going to be big like his dad

My dad said Pete and Noah are Pete and 'Re-Pete'
A lady at a restaurant came up and said, "Well I didn't see him on the menu. I looked, but I couldn't find him."
A man told me he would buy Noah for $50

Noah has taken on a big interest in Baby Einstein and toys with lights. He loves the toy Aunt Leah and Uncle Kyle gave him that lights up. When he is really happy he squeals and even gives a short chuckle sometimes.

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