Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time at the Willis farm

Noah and I have spent some time at the Willis Farm with my parents lately. Noah has adjusted to Emory quite well. He is thoroughly spoiled by Grammy every evening, gets to visit Grandmother Rice and his great-great aunt Sis, snuggles in Grandaddy's big arms, and is made to feel like a Hollywood star due to all the cameras flashing. He sleeps in a closet to keep the noise level down and seems to like that as well. He wishes mom would let him check the cows with grandaddy on the 4-wheeler, but mom insists that he get a little older first.

Snuggling with mom

Noah showing off his cute outfit. My friend Kristen made it for him. She is so talented!

Grammy and Grandaddy with their grandkids all ready for bed: Ava, Noah, and Chase.

Enjoying the day rocking with Grammy

Bath time. He loves soaking in a warm bath.

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