Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, it's official. I am no longer employed.

Pete and I decided for me to be a stay at home mom for little Noah. I am so thankful that this was an option for me. Being a mom will be the most important job I do and it will be nice to dedicate myself to it completely.

On the other hand, I will miss my amazing co-workers. I worked with some great people who love the Lord. It was very rewarding to work with kids and spend my days trying to help others. I was working at the local MHMR facility doing counseling for kids diagnosed with things such as depression, adjustment disorders, and PTSD. My duties were counseling, intake assessments, diagnosis reviews, and case management. My kiddos I worked with will be missed! It will, however, be nice not to hear so much negativity everyday. Most of the kids I worked with had some rough lives, made some poor decisions, or were doing poor in school...or a combination of all of these. All I can do now is pray for them. Praying is probably the most useful thing I did for them anyways.

As I close one chapter of my life I look ahead with great excitement and anticipation. As of today I am 30 weeks pregnant. Noah will be here in about 10 weeks!!!


  1. 10 weeks will go by fast. Being a stay at home mom is so rewarding and fun! You were a great social worker, but will be a wonderful mom to Noah! I bet you will find some other work to do on the side. I've never known you not to work:)

  2. Hey Amy, It's great to catch up with you here. I'm just a few weeks behind you {baby #2}. You'll love being home!

    Jen :)