Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun times with friends

This month has already been fun hanging out with friends.

Amy, Emily, Amie

Amie and I handed out programs at our friend Emily's wedding. It was beautiful!! Her wedding colors were black and white and the ceremony was at a Ranch in Abilene. Let's just say it was a little hot...and Amie and I are both pregnant!

The pregnant Amy and Amie. And there was another pregnant girl there named really.

Amie and Tomio invited Pete and I to the lake on their boat. It was lots of fun and the water felt great.

Belly pic

Laura, Kami, Amy, Rachel....2001
Kamie, Rachel, Laura, Amy
Some college friends came to Abilene for a visit. This is us taking a walk through ACU. Kami and I are both due in the next couple of weeks and Rachel and Laura have little girls. And Laura just found out she is pregnant again! Congrats!

They brought Kami and I baby gifts and we had a good time talking about what was to come with motherhood. It was great to see them.
I am still feeling great. Noah continues to move around, I have multiple Braxton Hicks contractions daily, my hips are a little sore from spreading. I stay indoors mostly thanks to 105 degree weather, but have been full on nesting since my days are numbered. I have even tried my hand at making granola, homeade bread, homeade muffins, and from scratch pancakes. Pete is enjoying this new hobby of mine. Today my friend Jessica is coming for a visit!


  1. We are all so cute! I do love the Freshman picture and all of our short hair! You better take your laptop to the hospital and get Pete to update and blog about the birth.. jk.. I know you will be a little busy! Love ya!

  2. It was so good for us all to get together. So much fun!! Good luck to you and we look forward to getting Noah and Emory together very soon!

  3. I just glad my name is not Amy or any variation there of!
    Love, Hugs & Kisses,

  4. You and Amie look so cute! I didn't realize Emily got married- wow! AND...I hear you have a new little bundle of joy at your house. CONGRATS! Post pics soon! I'm so excited for you guys- I'm sure he's a cutie (and now it means it is my turn!)