Monday, July 13, 2009

The countdown begins!

I had a doctor's appointment today and we had a great check up. I am dilated 1 1/2 centimenters. I realize this is not much, and doesn't really mean much, but it told me that things are starting to happen down there. Dr. Thompson sat down and talked to Pete and I about delivery options. As luck would have it the doc will be out of down during my due date. Since Noah will officially be considered 'full term' (37 weeks) on Friday and he seems to be growing and doing well we decided to induce labor the day before the doctor leaves (I will then be 39 weeks). So his birthday is July 30 unless he decides to come sooner on his own!! It feels so real to have an end date. Pete and I have 17 (or less) days to prepare for the little one. Everything crucial is already complete, but now I can focus on nesting and getting everything really organized. Ready or not, here he comes!!


  1. Noah might arrive before Emory!! You're further along than I am and no guaranteed date was given. They could be born on the same day though...that would be fun! :)

  2. Hey, who is Emory? I live in Emory, but more importantly I am Noah's Grammy.
    Love, Hugs & Kisses,