Sunday, November 8, 2009

Noah is healing quickly!

I have some catching up to do. We got back to Abilene yesterday afternoon and we are so glad to back home! What a crazy last two weeks we have had! Noah is doing so much better. He had a quick (but difficult to watch) recovery.
He was in ICU for 4 days because of fluid that had built up in his chest. The doctors told us that they were 99% sure they would have to put a chest tube back in (more pain for Noah), but after a night of praying he was significantly cleared up the next morning. Noah had blood drawn regularly, daily chest x-rays, a echo, and two EKG's while we were there. He is so glad to be able to sleep through the night without people waking him up to poke and prod him. Noah found time to smile even when the day was rough. He has his moments where he feels bad and he lets us know it is time for pain meds, but also smiles and plays with us. He has been through more in his short 3 month life than he ever should have to endure.

First time to be fed orally. Pedialite.

Cuddling with daddy. He loved to be rocked.

One tough little man.

On the cardiac unit we were able to take him on wagon rides, which he loved.
We had a post-op appointment on Wednesday before we were able to come back home. They took more blood, did a chest x-ray, took out his chest tube stitches and took the tape off his incision. He looks so good! It seems that all this has been a little traumatic to him (obviously) and he has been very clingy to me. In the past couple of days he has wanted to eat almost non-stop. At times nursing him is the only thing that keeps him from crying. He would get really upset when laid down on a bed or changing table. However, today seems to be better and I have gotten a little freedom back. We are so relieved this ordeal is past. After dreading it for the past 3 months it is so nice to know the worst is over. I think we will spend the next couple of weeks spoiling him just because we can.
Thanks to everyone for the countless prayers, balloons, flowers, fruit, cards, college fund money, clothes, ornaments, food, hugs, and sweet words. The Hughes family is blessed with amazing friends and family.


  1. Yes, he deserves lots of love and spoiling the next few months I think! He was such a brave little boy to go through all of that! Give him hugs and kisses from The Prices!

  2. So glad he is ok and healing well. He's a tough little cookie and you guys are brave parents!

  3. We're so glad y'all are home and Noah is doing so well!