Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4 months old

Noah is now 4 months old! Where has the time gone?

My little Martian Man

Sitting in his bumbo chair.

Sitting in his high chair for the first time. He thought he was such a big boy.

Not sure he was a fan of rice cereal. A couple of days later I tried again and he gagged several times. Maybe we will give it a little more time.
Noah is very excited for Thanksgiving. He will get to meet Pete's siblings for the first time and spend time with my family.


  1. Emory was the same way with the cereal, but by tonight she was doing great (well better).

  2. Yeah, Haley wasn't a fan of rice cereal, until I mixed it with Pear Juice. She still wasn't a big fan. Looks like he is doing great! Hope yall have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Love the outfit!! Looks like he's doing great. Happy Thanksgiving!