Monday, April 6, 2009

Growing belly

Everything is still going well. My belly is growing, Noah keeps kicking, and I feel great. I went to the doctor today and got a good report. Here is a belly pic for those interested. People have started asking me when I am due, how far along I am, etc. It is official...I look pregnant, not just overweight. I LOVE people asking me and I don't mind at all when people want to touch my belly.

I had to post this picture for my Alaska family and friends. I fried up some halibut Alaska style...and it was good! You guys would have been proud.


  1. Isn't it great to finally look pregnant?!?! Fried halibut...I'm impressed. It looks great and so do you!!

  2. Love the belly! Can't wait to meet Noah! I'm impressed with your cooking skills as well!

  3. Amy! Your belly looks adorable and congrats on finding out you are having a little Noah! Perhaps our little girl and your Noah can be playmates one day! Sounds like life is treating you guys well! That's awesome! We love it here in Japan so far! Keep in touch- Kim