Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anniversary and random

Pete and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary this past weekend. We went to Fredericksburg, Tx and stayed at a bed-n-breakfast. It was called the Chuck Wagon Inn and was ran by a rowdy old cowboy and his wife. Pete loved the southwest breakfast they cooked up, but it didn't seem to sit so well with the baby. We spent the day shopping the the touristy down town area. It is a well-kept town with lots of German influence and is surrounded by vineyards. We had a great time! Pete bought me a beautiful hand-crafted bracelet while there. In the first photo I think my eyes are kind of shut, but I wanted to include my baby bump.

About a week ago Pete and I went to a thing called Dittos for Kiddos. It is a massive resale for babies and kids. We didnt see much that we couldn't live without, but we did pick up the baby bath I already knew i wanted and we got some books and educational DVD's. It was so crowded and we had to wait in line forever to check out. Pete managed to hang in there. We are also buying some diapers randomly to help absorb some of the cost of buying lots of them later.

How life is different already:
1. I can't sleep on my stomach anymore
2. I have a battle with my closet everyday trying to find clothes that fit
3. I can't run very far
4. Getting up and down from the floor is more challenging
5. I either feel full or hungry
6. Pete seems more protective of me
7. I look forward to going to the doctor
8. Buying diapers is a thrill (for now anyways)
9. I love looking at my stomach and love that it is getting bigger
10. I stutter more often and forget common things throughout the day


  1. You are so cute! Happy 2 year anniversary!

  2. The things that are different for you are the same things that are different for me! We didn't find too much at Dittos either, but I think we could have if we would have gotten there at the 7:00 early time. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Fredricksburg is a cute little town. Matt and I spent our one year anniversary there last June.
    Your baby bump is supper cute!!

  4. Happy anniversary... and ... yeah, buying Diapers loses its thrill over time. :-)
    BTW, DON'T buy many newborn diapers. They don't hold much pee and you can use the size 1 just as easily. :-)

  5. I knew your anniversary was coming up...Happy Anniversary!!!

    What a cute tub...Dovie had that one too. We loved it and she used it up until she was about 7 month.
    That forgetful thing on your gets MUCH worse after the baby is here!!! I can't remember half of what I am supposed to now! It may be harder to run now too, but keeping up with working out (I used a Denise Austin maternity workout) all the way through helps. I walked about 6 miles my last week trying to encourage Dovie to come out!