Tuesday, January 19, 2010

6 Months old!

Noah is 6 months old! Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone...and other times I can't remember life before Noah. Here is what has been going on with Noah:

Noah is constantly on the move until he crashes for a quick nap. But thankfully he sleeps through the night! He sleeps about 9pm-8am and occasionally gets up to eat in the early morning. He naps about 11am and then again about 3pm (we are still working on the nap schedule!). Around 4 mo we gave him baby cereal and he was not interested. Around 5 mo we tried again, and he still wasn't interested! In fact, he gags multiple times on the first bite of cereal. It is pretty hilarious. So we have moved on from cereal and have tried a couple of veggies and a couple of fruits. I make most of his baby food with a food grinder. His favorite is squash and he also likes prunes, bananas, and peas. I am still nursing him, but give him a formula bottle at night. Noah is very afraid of loud shrieking noises. If i am holding him when he hears these noises he will "crawl" up my face clawing me when he hears them, but if I am not hold him he cries frantically. The doctor calls this 'stranger-anxiety.' Noah loves to smile, eat his hands, laugh, roll over, eat, go for walks (in his stroller), play on his exersauser, take baths, play with his feet and grab anything he sees. He balls up his fist, turns red and squeals when he gets frustrated, rubs his eyes when he is sleepy, opens his mouth in a wide smile when happy, stares into space when content. Most importantly he has a perfect heart and is completely healed!

The last 6 months have been a roller coaster of smiles, squeals, poop, spit up, baby toys, hospital/doctor visits, crazy sleep schedules, giggles, growing, learning, tears of joy, tears of stress, and pure love.
He is still tall and skinny. Stats:
Wt: 15lbs 10oz = 25%
Ht: 26.5 in = 50%
It was too soon to get his immunizations, but he did get the seasonal flu shot and H1N1 shot. The boy did not cry one bit! He is tough like his dad.

Wearing his Tie (thanks Aunt Em!):

He likes to hold his own bottle:

Happy Boy:

His first swing at the park (wearing his basketball outfit grandaddy picked out):


  1. Such a handsome young man in his tie!! Love the pics!

  2. He has such a great smile!!! When do you take off to Little Rock? Are you getting excited?!

  3. OH! Amy! He is absolutely adorable!!! I am so glad to hear that he is doing so well. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers!