Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Noah update

Well, today I experienced my first explosive diaper with Mr. Noah. He ran out of newborn diapers so I put size 1 on him since it said they are for 8-14 lbs. However, they were too big for him so that created a mess. First he leaked pee and had to be changed, then at wal-mart where we were getting more newborn diapers he had an explosion. So now he is on outfit number 3 and so far so good.

Also, I learned a new trick. While in shower I put Noah in his car seat outside the tub. When he starts getting fussy I yell out different noises (ex: monkey sounds, animal calls, and other sounds) and this seems to get him to focus on my voice long enough to forget he was getting mad for a few minutes. So if any of my friends stop by and hear strange sounds, you know what is going on.

he is not so in to baths any more

sort of a smile

with his Alaska Grammy. I just realized i never got a better pic than this with the two of them. He was not so happy.


  1. We've had our share of explosive diapers...keeps life interesting. We also have that bathtub and Emory was hating her baths, but we took out the sling and she loved being actually in the water.

  2. We, too, have had our share of explosive diapers!! Bryan and I got to the point of just laughing about it. What else can you do? It definitely keeps you busy taking care of a little one. I, too, have been known to be an entertainer while in the shower. You've gotta do what you've gotta do!! :)

  3. Gotta love the animal sounds! I remember those days. Actually I still do all kinds of crazy noises and dances to keep her happy! The things we do for love... :) He sure is cute!

  4. I can't believe we are moms and do all the things we do now! He is such a doll!